‘Big Sister’ Style Self Help Books!

Recently I’ve been venturing into the world of self help books. Now, this isn’t a section that has ever really caught my eye before for many reasons, mostly because I associate these books with super cheesy advice about how to become the most perfect person in the world or something else that’s pretty much unattainable. It has to be said that those books are exactly what some people are after, just not me. I like my advice to be a bit more relatable, as if it’s come from an actual person who shares my thoughts and experiences.

Cue my discovery of my favourite human, Dolly Alderton.

Everything I Know About Love was a book that I picked up on a whim. More of a memoir than self help, I’d never before read a non-fiction book that I could relate to so much. I loved it and as soon as I put it down I wanted more – but where to start? If you’re like me and are looking for that big sister/cool aunt vibe then here are some books that I’ve discovered that might be worth a read!

*note: I’ll add to this list whenever I find something new, so keep an eye on my Twitter for updates! Plus I’ll add links to my full reviews when I finally get around to writing them 😌

General Advice/Life Lessons:

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies) edited by Scarlett Curtis

How to Fail by Elizabeth Day

Failosophy by Elizabeth Day

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

I Feel Bad About my Neck by Nora Ephron

What a Time to be Alone by Chidera Eggerue

What Would Boudicca Do? by E Foley and B Coates

You Goddess! by E Foley and B Coates

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

How to be a Gentlewoman by Lotte Jeffs

Be Your Own Best Friend by Chessie King

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight

How Do We Know We’re Doing it Right? by Pandora Sykes

Mental Health/Self Confidence:

It’s Not OK to be Blue (and other lies) edited by Scarlett Curtis

The Insecure Girl’s Handbook by Olivia Purvis

Body Positivity:

Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe

Fattily Ever After by Stephanie Yeboah


Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

He’s Just Not That into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

How to Get Over a Boy by Chidera Eggerue

Don’t Hold My Head Down by Lucy-Anne Holmes

Doing It by Hannah Witton


Period by Emma Barnett

The Hormone Diaries by Hannah Witton

Have you read these books? Or maybe you’ve read something similar? What did you think? I’d love to know!

You can always find me over on Instagram and Twitter if you’d like to discuss these books (or any others that I’ve featured) in more detail 😌

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