For 2020 (and hopefully beyond), I’m going to start talking more about my writing, my experience with all things WIP and what I’m learning from it all.

Here you’ll find all things NaNoWriMo, writing prompts and maybe even a little bit about my current WIPs! If you’re an aspiring (or published!) writer, I’d love to know about your experiences too 😌❤️

National Novel Writing Month:

Preparation – 2018

Experience – 2018

Preparation – 2019

Experience – 2019

Writing Prompts:

Week 1 – 27/01/2019

Week 2 – 03/02/2019

Week 3 – 17/02/2019

Week 4 – 24/02/2019

Writing Prompt Compilation

Writing Tools:

Using Pinterest for your WIP

Using Spotify for your WIP

Researching for your WIP

Creating Covers for your WIP

Planning Characters

Planning Settings

Review of The Writer’s Toolbox