5 LGBTQ+ Books on my TBR!

Pride month is in full swing (🥳) so it's had me looking at my current TBR and which LGBTQ+ books are waiting patiently on my shelves for their turn to be read. This year I'm trying to focus on getting through my (ridiculously) huge physical TBR and so while there are a whole bunch of … Continue reading 5 LGBTQ+ Books on my TBR!

Best of YA: Horror!

Working as a Children’s Bookseller, with a focus on YA, means that I’m constantly having to look at new releases and new trends and what’s currently popular – and I LOVE IT! Having a good knowledge of what books are on offer mean that I can offer the best recommendations possible to any customers who … Continue reading Best of YA: Horror!

Black History Month: Kid’s Reading Recommendations!

If you've been following my Twitter account for a while, you'll know that I work on the Children's floor of a bookshop. It's brilliant job for several reasons, one of which is being able to make recommendations for young readers! This really comes into play when we celebrate events like Black History Month and it's … Continue reading Black History Month: Kid’s Reading Recommendations!