Creating Book Covers for your WIP!

One thing that I’ll always spend (probably too much) time on when I get to starting a new WIP is creating a cover for it. As a teen I was, like many, reeeeeally into Wattpad and some of the stories that would pop up on the website has amazing covers. It wasn’t long before I starting trying to create my own, very amateur, versions for my own stories. Since then, this is still something I do. Sometimes it’s procrastination when I don’t know what to write next and sometimes it’s just a fun way to make it feel more real but either way, I always get a kick out of it.

Now, I’m painfully aware that I’m lightyears away from finishing anything, let alone getting it published but it’s just a bit of fun! I’m also going to point out that I’m most definitely not any sort of digital artist/graphic designer/person-who’s-really-good-at-this-stuff so my words are not gospel but if you’re after something fun to do while ruminating over your story, why not give it a go?!

So, here are some of the covers I’ve put together for my WIPs. Hopefully they’ll give you some inspiration to create your own!

I’ll be the first person to admit that, while I’m pretty computer savvy, I’m not really well versed in the worlds of Photoshop or Procreate etc. so ease of use is a must for me when designing anything. Luckily, I came across Canva a few years ago which I use for my blog graphics as well as anything WIP related. Canva is free, incredibly easy to use and comes with a bunch of tutorials if you’re unsure. There’s also the option to use book cover templates if you’re after some inspiration – it even sets the perfect size dimensions for you!

Here are some covers I’ve put together using Canva for some older WIPs that either need a boat load of editing or actually finishing. They cross a few genres so I’d love to know if you can guess what they’d be about. Judge them by their covers!
(All credit to the photographers for the original images, which I’ve linked here – 1, 2 and 3).

It can also be a super fun way to try out a few different styles for your WIP to see what kind of cover you like best – or even what suits your story best. Play around with fonts, styles, images and filters to get your creative juices flowing. I’ve found it can be a great way to get your mind thinking about the story itself if you need something to kickstart your writing!

Have you ever tried putting together a cover for your WIP? What program do you use to make them? If you haven’t done this before, are you going to try it now? I’d love to know! 

You can always find me over on Twitter if you’d like to discuss this post (or any others that I’ve featured) in more detail 😌

4 thoughts on “Creating Book Covers for your WIP!

  1. Same here, it would be years before I publish anything. I’ve never tried doing this but now I’m inspired by you. Those covers are amazing and gorgeous.

    When I find the time to write again, I will make a cover for my WIPs and put them on the wall above my writing desk to motivate me to write.

    Thank you for sharing this Hannah. 🙂

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