Writing Prompt Compilation!

Starting a new WIP can be a daunting prospect, especially when you can’t seem to find any inspiration for the story you want to tell. Or maybe, like me, you want to write something but have no idea what. Here’s a collection of writing prompts that might help to get the words flowing or give you a jumping off point for your next project!

Mix these prompts up any way you like or change anything that doesn’t suit you. Feel free to add your own in the comments if inspiration strikes! 📚

Story Starters:

Use one of these as your first line.

The blood dripped from her fingers, thick and viscous, glinting in the light cast by the full moon.

The lace of the pirate costume rubbed at my skin. With wide eyes, I took in the room. This wasn’t a costume party after all.

Danny had nothing left to lose. The lighter in his hand weighed almost nothing. One flick of the fuse, that’s all it would take to send them up in flames.

Sunshine made everything better. It was like being kissed by the gods, their love shining down on you and warming you from the outside in.

He’d been a quiet neighbour, ask anyone they’d say the same. It shook the whole street when the news broke. Pete Sullivan, it turned out, had kept himself to himself for good reason.


Use one of these characters and tell their story. Change them up as you wish!

Amy – blonde haired, bubblegum princess. Used to getting everything she wants and never hearing the word ‘no’.

Elise – short, grabby and with an annoying laugh. She’s always heard before she’s seen and it’s not unusual for people to very quickly become busy when she appears.

Mike – the guy everyone loves to hate. Loud, crude and flaky but with a heart of gold.

Tom – the forbidden love interest. No apparent personality but does everyone gloss over him because of his looks?

Rose – calm, kind and motherly. Until someone comes for something she loves. Then the fangs appear.


Base your story in one of these places.

An esteemed boarding school, occupied by the children of the affluent. Secrets hide behind the walls and more than one of the teachers are suspicious.

The clearing in the woods, with dappled sunlight and an abundance of wildflowers. The sound of a waterfall can be heard in the distance.

In the celebrity sphere, where everything is watched with intense scrutiny and only the strong survive.

A dystopian wasteland, with dangers around every corner and a strange blinking light in the distance.

The offices of a police station, where murder is common place and no one bats an eye at vicious crime.


Incorporate one (or more) of these tropes into your story.

Enemies to Lovers

Good vs. Evil

The Chosen One

The Reluctant Hero

Sixth Sense Challenges:

Pick one option for each sense and create a story. Inspired by The Writer’s Toolbox.

SMELL: freshly baked bread/mowed grass/the coppery tang of blood/wet earth/hair dye

SIGHT: an old friend finally returned/brightly wrapped presents/falling snow/a lost key

SOUND: footsteps on wooden floor/screeching/soft jazz music/a cry for help/the howl of a wild animal

TASTE: bitter herbs/gooey chocolate/sour sweets/cotton mouth/medicinal chemicals

TOUCH: old parchment/a velvet chair/a satin dress/crisp leaves/a smooth ceramic mug

MEMORY: a loved one’s laugh/the colour red/a heartbreak/the sound of applause/a letter

A Bit of Fun:

Turn your last text into a story.

Set a playlist to shuffle. Write something based on the first song you hear.

Pick your favourite TV show/film. What happens next?

Browse Pinterest. Write something based on the first picture that calls to you.

What do you think? Do any of these prompts stir your inspiration? I’d love to know! 

You can always find me over on Instagram and Twitter if you’d like to discuss this post (or any others that I’ve featured) in more detail 😌

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