Writing Prompt Challenge – Week 1!

Hey guys! So I’m finally getting myself into gear and getting back onto this idea of doing a weekly writing prompt challenge. You might have seen this on my Twitter account recently where I asked you guys if anyone would like to take part and the response was so lovely!

This series is basically a writing prompt challenge that will be posted every Sunday (around 8pm) which you can use to further your writing skills, get an extra bit of practice or just test yourself. You don’t have to take part every week and there’s no obligation to share what you write, I just thought this would be a bit of fun within the writing community for anyone who fancies it 😊

Personally, I’m going to share my results each week when I post the next prompt. If you have any advice for me, I’d love to read it! I’m taking this as an opportunity to improve my writing so any tips you guys have are more than welcome. If you’d like to do the same, I’d love to read what you come up with!


There’s one prompt per week (posted every Sunday, around 8pm)

You can take part as much or as little as you like!

Do your best with writing as much as you like with the prompt – there’s no word count!

Feel free to share your work with others who are taking part, or keep it to yourself – this exercise is just meant to get back into the habit of writing, no pressure!

Use the prompt however you like! Whether it’s the opening sentence, the closing line or somewhere in the middle, use it however sparks your creativity the most.


There she was, Amy Gerstein, over by the pool, kissing my father. They were all the same, I decided.


I’m trying out the Writer’s Toolbox from Jamie Cat Callan (link is not an ad/affiliate, just in case you guys want to check it out – full review of it will be up here soon!) and want to know what you guys think! Is this a prompt that you like? Or would you like something more vague or themed? Any feedback is more than welcome 😊

So, what did you think? Did this prompt work for you? I’d love to know! I’d also love to read your work if you’d like to share it!

You can always find me over on Instagram and Twitter if you’d like to discuss this (or anything else I talk about) in more detail 😌📚

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Challenge – Week 1!

  1. I need some inspiration writing wise so I’d LOVE to do this, thanks Hannah! Writing prompts have been really useful recently, so I’ll be giving it a go..considering it might help motivate me to finally get on with my WIP (which hasn’t really had the “in progress” bit) 🙄😂

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