Featured Blogger: Laura from Roachie’s Reviews!

Hey guys! As you probably already know, throughout the month of November I’m shining a spotlight on thirty wonderful book bloggers 😊📚 If you’re not already following them, then I’d definitely recommend that you check them out – these guys are all such wonderful bloggers and all incredibly kind and supportive.

Today is the turn of the amazing Laura (from Roachie’s Reviews) who is a wonderful member of the book blogger community and posts some exciting reviews, fun blog tours and fab recommendations!


Hello! My name is Laura and I blog over at Roachie’s Reviews. People have always referred to me by my surname (I have no idea why) and then a few years ago a friend of mine started calling me Roachie and it stuck. Hence, Roachie’s Reviews.

There is a world within books. They give us knowledge and power, but also provide us with an escape, other worlds to explore and people to meet. It’s not just about books but about reading and the love of reading. I mainly focus on children’s books as if you can capture a child’s heart with a book then the chances are they’ll be readers for life.

Where did your love of reading come from?

My upbringing played a huge part. There were always books in the house and I saw my parents reading. I remember my father taking myself and my sisters to our local library. I don’t remember them pushing me to read but I don’t think they really needed to either. Sometimes, on weekends, my mother would take me to the nearest Waterstones and let me pick a book – by the time we got home in the car I’d be half-way through it!

What is your favourite book that you’d recommend to anyone and everyone?

Wow. That’s quite a question. I think everyone, at some point in their lives, should read Anne Frank’s diary. It’s a message of love, tolerance, and strength. We can all learn something from Anne.

Which author (dead or alive) would you love to meet and why?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the same room as her, but have not directly met Alison Weir. She is a historian and author with an amazing knowledge of the Tudors. I’d like to quiz her on all the questions I have stored up in my head about them. A few years ago I met John Simpson and I was so excited that I lost the power of speech. Not my finest moment.

What is the most memorable/sentimental book you’ve read?

I’d have to say Rena’s Promise by Rena Kornreich Gelissen. It’s a memoir of two sisters who ended up in Auschwitz during WWII. I read it when I was quite young, maybe 13, and it had a huge impact on me. It sparked an interest in the Holocaust and WWII which I still have today.

What is your favourite genre to read and your favourite book from it?

Oooh if I had to choose I’d say historical fiction based on real events. I particularly enjoyed Philippa Gregory’s The Boleyn Inheritance.

What are your top tips/tricks for fitting reading around a busy schedule?

IMG_20181110_124253.jpgAlways carry a book with you and look for small opportunities to read. Four minutes until your next bus? Get your book out. Waiting for pasta to cook? Get your book out. Try to put aside chunks of uninterrupted time to read. Go out if you have to, sit in a library, switch off your phone and immerse yourself.

What are your top tips/tricks for writing your own work?

I am sadly not a writer. My former creative writing teacher, Maria Donovan (author of Pumping Up Napoleon and The Chicken Soup Murder), would probably be relieved to hear this.

What are you reading now? What have you just finished? Are you enjoying/did you enjoy it?

I’m just nearing the end of Miss Marley by Vanessa Lafaye which is just a wonderful book and perfect for Christmas. I recommend tissues.

Show us a blog post that you’re excited about.

Most Highly Anticipated Fiction of 2019 

If you like the sound of Laura and all of the wonderful things she posts you can find her over on Twitter as well as on her main blog.

I hope you guys are enjoying reading this month’s series of posts as much as I’ve loved organising and collaborating with so many amazing bloggers to create them! 💖 Check back tomorrow! x


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