Review: Last Lesson by James Goodhand

TW: discussion of abuse, assault, rape and sexual assault I was sent a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Blurb: Last year, Ollie Morcombe was a star pupil, popular and a gifted musician. Then, after the accident, everything changed. Now he's an outcast, a prime target of the school bullies who … Continue reading Review: Last Lesson by James Goodhand

Review: I Stop Somewhere by T E Carter

TW: discussion of rape Blurb: Ellie Frias has never wanted to be popular, she just wants to blend in, to be accepted. But then Caleb Breward tells her she's beautiful and makes her believe it. Ellie loves Caleb, but sometimes she's not sure she likes him - the possessive way he touches her, his harsh tone, … Continue reading Review: I Stop Somewhere by T E Carter

Review: Kisscut by Karin Slaughter

TW: discussion of child abuse and rape Blurb: When a teenage quarrel in the small town of Heartsdale explodes into a deadly shoot-out, Sara Linton - paediatrician and medical examiner - finds herself entangled in a horrific tragedy. And what seems at first to be a terrible but individual catastrophe proves to have wider implications when … Continue reading Review: Kisscut by Karin Slaughter