Why You Should Read Once!

If you've been following the blog, or my social media, for a while, you'll probably know all about the intense love that I have for the Once series by Morris Gleitzman. These are books that I'll recommend to anyone without a moment's hesitation and will take any opportunity to talk about them (so here's me … Continue reading Why You Should Read Once!

Review: Soon by Morris Gleitzman

Blurb: Sometimes it takes the worst of times to bring out the best in people. I hoped the Nazis would be defeated. And they were. I hoped the war would be over. And it was. I hoped we would be safe. But we aren't. My name is Felix. Her name is Anya. This is our story. … Continue reading Review: Soon by Morris Gleitzman

Review: Then by Morris Gleitzman

Blurb: A little hope goes a long way. I had a plan for me and Zelda. Pretend to be someone else. Find new parents. Be safe forever. Then the Nazis came. My name is Felix. This is our story. โ€” Title: Then Author: Morris Gleitzman Publisher: Puffin Books, owned by Penguin Group Genre: Fiction, Historical, Children's โ€” Review: This book … Continue reading Review: Then by Morris Gleitzman