Review: Maybe by Morris Gleitzman

Blurb: He might not survive, but he's hoping he will. 18 May 1946Dear Zliv,It's me you want, not Gabriek or Anya. I caused your brother's death, just me. But you'll have to come to the other side of the world to kill me, because that's where I'm going. If you don't believe me, check the newspapers.Felix … Continue reading Review: Maybe by Morris Gleitzman

Tag: The Greek God Book Tag!

As a massive fan of all things mythology (I may or may not be working on a new WIP that features Aphrodite 🤫), when I saw this tag I couldn't not do it! I found this tag over on Bookbum and thought it was a brilliant idea! Rules: ⚡️ Pingback to Zuky at Bookbum so she can read … Continue reading Tag: The Greek God Book Tag!