Featured Author: Anne Stryker

Author of the Beyond the Veil series, Anne Stryker has just published her new novel (and the debut of this particular series) Lurking in the Woods! This fantasy romance series retells classic fairy tales and myths in a mashup style, playing on some of our favourite aspects of both. You can check out my review of Lurking in the … Continue reading Featured Author: Anne Stryker

Review: Lurking in the Woods by Anne Stryker

I was approached by this author to provide an honest review in return for a free copy of the book. - Blurb: Bryn Kolt can't seem to stay put - or perhaps she can't seem to find what she's looking for. Travelling the country ever since cancer took her mother five years ago, Bryn has yet … Continue reading Review: Lurking in the Woods by Anne Stryker