Review: Failosophy by Elizabeth Day

Blurb: Most failures can teach us something meaningful about ourselves if we choose to listen. In Failosophy Elizabeth Day brings together all the lessons she has learned, from conversations with the guests on her award-winning How to Fail podcast, from stories shared with her by readers and listeners, and from her own life, and distils them … Continue reading Review: Failosophy by Elizabeth Day

Tag: The Greek God Book Tag!

As a massive fan of all things mythology (I may or may not be working on a new WIP that features Aphrodite 🤫), when I saw this tag I couldn't not do it! I found this tag over on Bookbum and thought it was a brilliant idea! Rules: ⚡️ Pingback to Zuky at Bookbum so she can read … Continue reading Tag: The Greek God Book Tag!