My Favourite Sprayed Edges!

I think all book lovers can agree that there’s nothing better than a particularly pretty book. Whether it’s gold foiling, gorgeous covers or sprayed edges, I’ve definitely bought a book or two based on its cover. Lately I’m becoming more and more picky about which books stay on my forever shelf but I’ll always have a soft spot for the pretty ones, especially ones with those fancy edges! I’ve got a few books currently on my shelves which possess some stunning edges and I thought what better way to start the week than sharing some of my favourites 😊

So, here are five of my current favourite sprayed edges (and the books they belong to)!

The Girl in the Walls by A J Gnuse

I’m a big fan of the way these edges adopt the pattern of the wallpaper featured on the cover. It really gives me the vibes of going into the walls of the house, which works fantastically with the title!

Lamplighters by Emma Stonex

I love how these edges are a continuation of the beautiful colours on the cover. While it’s not a super intricate design, it all melts together so well that I can’t help but stare.

Kingdom of Souls by Rena Barron

The snake motif that dominates the edges of this book is also featured on the cover and the spine and there’s nothing I love more than a cohesive design. Extra points for this one as I also love how wiggly the snake is 😂

Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

This one is very simple as it’s just a dark blue with white dots but, once again, it matches the cover beautifully and adds a sense of theatre to an otherwise fairly plain cover.

The Chalk Man and The Taking of Annie Thorn by C J Tudor

These are probably my favourite sprayed edges that I’ve seen on paperbacks. The designs go all the way around the book, not just the side and look especially fantastic together. The designs on both of these books match their spines as well which I love. I remember being particularly disappointed when Tudor’s third book came out and they’d ditched this design idea.

Are you a fan of sprayed edges? Do you have a favourite design? I’d love to know!

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