BBNYA Tour: Stay Mad, Sweetheart by Heleen Kist

I received this book to read and review as part of BBNYA 2020 organised by the @The_WriteReads team. All opinions are my own, unbiased and honest. 

A little bit of background for BBNYA and for anyone looking to get involved!

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But now let’s get to what we’re really here for…

Coming in 3rd place for BBNYA 2020 is Stay Mad, Sweetheart by Heleen Kist!

Blurb: There’s a fine line between innocence and guilt. An even finer line between justice and revenge. Shy and sensible Laura prefers the company of her books to the real world – let alone that cesspit online. But when her best friend Emily becomes the victim of horrific cyberbullying, she makes it her all-engulfing mission to track down the worst culprits using her finely-tuned data skills. Petite corporate financier Suki is about to outshine the stupid boys at her firm: she’s leading the acquisition of Edinburgh’s most exciting start-up. If only she could get its brilliant, but distracted, co-founder Laura to engage. Event planner Claire is left to salvage the start-up’s annual conference after her colleague Emily fails to return to work. She’s determined to get a promotion out of it, but her boss isn’t playing ball. As the women’s paths intertwine, the insidious discrimination they each face comes to light. Emboldened by Emily’s tragic experience, they join forces to plot the downfall of all those who’ve wronged them. But with emotions running high, will the punishments fit the crimes?


If you’re after a nitty gritty, contemporary girl power story with a host of strong women then you’re very much in the right place!

Stay Mad, Sweetheart is the story of one woman’s plight to see her best friend get justice when a tryst with a movie star turns into a world wide web man hunt. But Laura isn’t the only one wanting a bit of justice in the world. When she connects with two other women who have been wronged by men they hatch a plan to set the world to rights.

This is another great example of BBNYA being a fabulous opportunity to read books that I otherwise might not have done. I’d seen this book floating around on social media and was interested but often, without a book being shoved into my hands, I don’t get around to reading them any time soon. So, here’s me taking a minute to thank the organisers of BBNYA again for the opportunity to read this!

This story is unlike anything I’ve ever read before! It’s a brutally honest look at the world of social media and the impact of cyberbullying – not only on those who are targeted but also those around them. It’s a potent message for us all to be a little kinder with our words and think before we post. To add to that, this story is so much more than the one storyline, we get to see the strength of women in the work place, the importance of standing up for yourself when you’ve been wronged and just how wonderful friends are. I’ll always back a story that makes a point of promoting those things and this is no exception. As for the characters, Laura and Suki were definite stand out favourites for me. Laura was brilliant but shy and yet fiercely loyal to her friends which I loved, and Suki who doesn’t give up in the face of adversity and instead battles even harder to get what she wants. Both of these characters work in male dominated fields and yet show their talent and ability flawlessly – something that I’ll always admire, in characters as well as real life women. The story is well written, incorporating several points of view while giving each character a distinctive voice, and flows well without becoming boring or moving too fast.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary stories led by strong women who use their power and intellect to ensure they’re not walked over. This story really packs a punch for any women who have found themselves on the back foot.

Did you follow along with BBNYA 2020? Or maybe you’re excited for this year’s event? I’d love to know!

You can always find me over on Twitter if you’d like to discuss this book (or any others that I’ve featured) in more detail 😌

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