Buying from UK-based Bookish Businesses!

Does anyone else use their birthday as an excuse to treat themselves a little bit more than usual? I’m definitely guilty of adopting that mentality and this year I thought I’d buy myself some wholesome bookish goodies!

Over the past year, Etsy has become one of my favourite places to browse and I have a wishlist as long as my arm! I love that you can find pretty much anything on there so I did some browsing and came across the shops listed below. I might end up making this a bit of a series depending on how many more gems I find and I’d love any recommendations of small bookish businesses that you love/think I should try!

Without further rambling, here’s my little haul of birthday gifts from me… to me! 🥳

Skur Studios

I had a little bit of a bookmark cull lately and got rid of all the old ripped ones so when I came across this beautiful fabric one, I couldn’t resist! Not only is it handmade but also eco-friendly so that was all the justification I needed 😂

Becky and Vince

I was very kindly gifted a bookmark from this shop for TBTB Secret Santa 2020 and I’ve used it religiously since. I thought why not treat myself to another one since it was such lovely quality and looks super cute?! Plus the packaging always comes with a little bookish quote so that gets extra points for sure.

Book Florist by Carlie

I’ve never been the proud owner of a book sleeve before and instead am often shoving a book into my bag to read on my commute, usually for it to come out a little squished. I thought now was a great time to change that and treated myself to a beautifully made book sleeve in my favourite colour, complete with a little button to keep your book inside! It’s such a soft material and will easily hold a paperback or small hardback – bigger hardbacks are a tighter squeeze but still just fit if you don’t mind leaving the button undone.

Little Bookish Company

The one thing I asked for for my birthday was an oil burner (I had one while I was at university and managed to break it, and my phone in the process! 😭) and what do you need to go with that? Wax melts! Even better if they’re Alice in Wonderland themed and smell like cake and tea.

The Little Fiction Shop

After being mutuals with the lovely Beks on Twitter for a while, I was really excited to see that she also made candles! I was having a little nose around and came across the Once Upon a Time candle which smells of chocolate, vanilla and coffee 😍 Three of my favourite scents all rolled into one and wrapped up in an adorable ribbon!

Literary Tea Company

Now, I know this is really a novelty gift as I could buy tea from anywhere but if there’s a Winnie the Pooh label on something, I’m all for it! I’m a big tea drinker and thought why not have something a little bit more special than my regular brew? You only live once after all 😂

The Literary Gift Company

I’m not sure that this one can be classed as a small business (?) but it’s definitely UK based and when I came across this mythology mug, I was sold! As you probably already know, I’m a big lover of all sorts of mythology and this combines the Greek and Roman variations of the gods and goddesses. Plus, buying special tea calls for a new mug, right?

Has this post inspired you to do some shopping? Do you have a favourite small business? What was your favourite purchase? I’d love to know! 

You can always find me over on Twitter if you’d like to discuss this post (or any of the others) more or if you’re just looking for some book chat! 😌

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