Why You Should Read the Winternight Trilogy!

When I was thinking about which books I’d recommend to anyone and everyone, the Winternight trilogy by Katherine Arden was top of the list! Perfect for fans of history, fantasy and folklore, there’s a little something in these pages for every reader. I’ve bought them for several people and suggested them to even more, every time to be met with thankful smiles so I couldn’t not share it with you guys too!

Here are my main reasons as to why I feel that everyone should give this series a go!

Blurb: Beware the evil in the woods…

In a village at the edge of the wilderness of northern Russia, where the winds blow cold and the snow falls many months of the year, an elderly servant tells stories of sorcery, folklore and the Winter King to the children of the family, tales of old magic frowned upon by the church. But for the young, wild Vasya these are far more than just stories. She alone can see the house spirits that guard her home, and sense the growing forces of dark magic in the woods…

It’s full of magic…

Set to the backdrop of 14th century Rus, we meet Vasya, a girl caught between old magic and the Russian Orthodox Church. She’s seen as a wild outcast, seeing magical creatures (domovoi, vazila and rusalka, to name a few) and frost demons when no one else can. The fairy tale feel of this book is sure to alight an interest in the magic that swirls in the cold air. We even begin the story with a once-upon-a-time tale told by the warmth of the hearth.

If you’re after some interesting, but not so deep to be confusing, folktale magic then this series is a perfect fit!

There’s strong characters a plenty…

Vasya, our main character throughout this series, will forever be one of my favourite fictional strong females. She takes no notice of the whispers of those around her, their doubts and insults and instead forges her own path based on what she wants for herself. She refuses to get married simply because that’s what tradition dictates. She dresses as a boy and rides off on adventures so not to be stopped. Vasya is a true force to be reckoned with and, what I loved most, is that she doesn’t lose this throughout the series!

It really will transport you to another place…

The descriptions of the settings in this series are simply stunning. From the warmth of the family hearth to the desolate cold of the forest at night, Katherine Arden is a wonder! This is the kind of series that really does transport you to a world amongst the pages and is perfect for anyone looking for some escapism.

There’s everything from romance to adventure…

It’s so hard to pin point a particular genre for this series. There’s the historical setting, the fantasy creatures, a slow-burn romance and several of Vasya’s daring adventures. My favourite thing about there being so much content is that it all gets its chance to shine. We get to know about everything in a nice amount of detail. The historical setting informs the choices that Vasya makes and we get to meet several creatures from real Russian folklore. The will they-won’t they relationship with Morozko was one of my favourite aspects as it kept me on tender hooks without stopping us from joining Vasya as she fights alongside the King or disguises herself to avoid marriage. To sum up, there’s literally something for everyone!

It starts to feel like home…

This is particularly the case with the first book in this series, The Bear and the Nightingale, as there are a lot of super cosy scenes set near the hearth, with their nanny telling the children stories of times long passed. It’s a real snuggle up with a blanket and cup of tea type of story that I think a lot of people will find comfort in 😌

So, what do you think? Have I convinced you to pick up this series? Or maybe you’ve already read them? I’d love to know!

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13 thoughts on “Why You Should Read the Winternight Trilogy!

  1. I read the first book and while I am a huge lover for books based in russian folklore, I found that I couldn’t get into this book. I had a hard time connecting with Vasya and had problems with her. However, I’m very glad you enjoyed this series and I’m sure others will love it too!

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