Blog Tour: The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Anyone’s who (like me!) is loving this trend of murder mystery/thrillers hitting YA sections will understand my excitement when I heard of the release of this book! For fans of Karen McManus, Chelsea Pitcher, Holly Jackson or Sophie McKenzie, here is one book you should all have on your TBR.

Huge thanks to Dave at The Write Reads for the opportunity to be part of this particularly exciting #TheUltimateBlogTour!


She came from nothing.

Avery has a plan: keep her head down, work hard for a better future. Then an eccentric billionaire dies, leaving her almost his entire fortune. And no one, least of all Avery, knows why.

They had everything.

Now she must move into the mansion she’s inherited. It’s filled with secrets and codes, and the old man’s surviving relatives – a family hell-bent on discovering why Avery got ‘their’ money.

Now there’s only one rule: winner takes all.

Soon she is caught in a deadly game that everyone in this strange family is playing. But just how far will they go to keep their fortune?


Life changes suddenly for Avery when a mysterious man arrives at her school, informing her that she’s a named recipient in a billionaire’s will. A billionaire she has no recollection of ever meeting. It changes even more when she meets the Hawthornes, whose inheritance is now hers. But there’s something strange going on in the house and the four Hawthorne brothers might be the only people Avery can trust.

I absolutely devoured this book! If you’re a fan of thrillers with complex Sherlock Holmes-esque puzzles built in, then this book is definitely for you. I’ve never read anything quite like this before, especially not something that’s classed as YA and I’ve loved being able to recommend it to others. The riddles that the characters must solve really kept me guessing and it’s so obvious that the author really put some thought into how all the pieces would fit together – and how much they would reveal! Not everything became clear immediately which I loved as it got my brain working overtime. This also gave us an insight into the billionaire himself, Tobias Hawthorne, as even from beyond the grave we got a glimpse into his mind which was fantastic!

But the thriller goodness doesn’t stop there! With brilliantly interesting characters that took me a long time to figure out and a well paced plot, I really struggled to put this book down. The story is told from Avery’s point of view which worked so well as she’s just as clueless as we are as readers when it comes to the house, its inhabitants, the new celebrity world she lives in, and, of course, why on earth she’s inheriting billions. This meant that we feel like we’re part of the story, solving the puzzles right along with the characters. She’s a likeable character; she’s selfless, clever and strong which made the story even more enjoyable. She’s also someone who seems like she deserves the break that the money would bring which satisfied my karmic needs ๐Ÿ˜‚ The four brothers (Nash, Grayson, Jameson and Xander) were also really well written. They’re all really different but share some of the same key traits. Getting to know them was one of my favourite parts of the story. They all reveal something different and help Avery in her quest for answers in their own way.

And no spoilers (!) but that cliffhanger ending has me not-so-patiently waiting for the sequel that’s out next year!

Plus, as if all that wasn’t enough, with four (ridiculously cute but all very different) Hawthorne brothers, there’s pretty much a guaranteed book crush in the mix!
(As a little plus – for fans of the book, you can take this handy quiz and see which brother you’d get ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Overall, I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s loving this trend of YA thrillers and wants a mystery that will really get them thinking! This is perfect reading for fans of Knives Out and Ready Or Not!

Rating: 4/5

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