Blogmas Day 30 – My Blogmas Experience/Round Up!

Helloooo everyone! Welcome back to the penultimate day of Blogmas 2018 and it’s time for the last few posts. I want to thank you all for being so lovely and supportive during this past month – you guys are the best!🎄📚

With Blogmas almost at an end (*cry) I thought I’d give you a round up of my experiences. This might be helpful if you’re thinking of trying out Blogmas next year – or maybe another month long blog post!

Posting every day was a struggle at times (and I’m sure you guys noticed two posts going up in the same day 😂) but I’m proud of myself for getting out 31 days worth of posts this month! If I did this again next year then I’d definitely have to write up some of the posts in advance!

Planning is so important to making things run on time. I’d written up the first week of posts in advance so that went super smoothly but after that, I definitely struggled 😂

Collabs are so much fun! I got to do some lovely collaborations with some amazing bloggers (Anna, Molly, Amy and Jen). I really looked forward to working with these wonderful ladies and it was so nice to share the festivities with them!

Coming up with content is difficult when it all has to revolve around a theme. There’s only so many festive things to chat about at length so I tried to switch up the content between book reviews, DIYs and recipes. I think that the range of topics helped keep things interesting though, which is a plus!

Overall, I loved participating in Blogmas this year and had so much fun coming up with all of the content and sharing the season with you guys! I really hope you’ve enjoyed the posts this month and thanks again for sticking with me!

Did you participate in Blogmas this year? What did you think of it? Are you going to give it a go next year? I’d love to know! 🎅🏻

Thank you for checking out my Blogmas 2018 posts and I can’t wait to share the rest with you! Check back tomorrow for more festive fun 

I’d also just like to point out that I don’t want to cause any offence to those who don’t celebrate Christmas, these posts are just a bit of fun to go along with my own personal celebrations.

You can always find me over on Instagram and Twitter if you fancy a book (or Christmas) chat! 😌🎄

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