Featured Blogger: Roxanne from An Average Life!

Hey guys! As you probably already know, throughout the month of November I’m shining a spotlight on thirty wonderful book bloggers 😊📚 If you’re not already following them, then I’d definitely recommend that you check them out – these guys are all such wonderful bloggers and all incredibly kind and supportive.

Last but by absolutely no means least, today is the turn of the wonderful Roxanne (from An Average Life) who posts some great reviews as well as some exciting bookish tips and discussions!

Hey everyone, my name is Roxanne Michelle and I’m super excited to be featured today on Hannah’s Bookshelf!

I blog at An Average Life about books, entertainment and lifestyle.. okay mostly books.aalife.PNG
Stick with us, Hannah’s written some fab questions to help me teach you all about moi!

I’ve never really had family or friends that are big readers. I love to talk about what I’ve just read and hear about new releases but the people in my life are all about films or video games. Last year I ventured back onto Twitter with the sole purpose of finding other readers and found so many brilliant book bloggers that I was inspired to start my own.

Where did your love of reading come from?

I’ve loved reading ever since I learned how. I was the kid reading by torchlight under a blanket waaay past bed time. To this day I can’t sleep without reading first- even though some nights I might only manage a page before dropping my eReader on my face!

What is your favourite book that you would recommend to anyone and everyone?

That’s a tough question! I’m not sure I can narrow it down so depending on genre I Screenshot_20180721-075133_Chrome.jpgchoose..

The 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton
Alice by Christina Henry
The Silence by Tim Lebbon

Which author would you love to meet and why?

I have to say Stephen King, there’s such range in his canon and he’s led a very interesting life. I’d love to get writing advice and book recommendations direct from the King!

What is the most memorable/sentimental book you’ve read?

Last year I lost someone to suicide and a Twitter pal recommended History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera. It’s not my usual genre at all, but grief and mourning were handled so beautifully throughout that it really helped me focus on remembering my friend as he lived instead of how he died.

What is your favourite genre to read and your favourite book from it?

I bounce around between horror, suspense, sff and dystopia. With that in mind I’d choose the Dark Tower series as it blends a bit of each.

What are your top tricks for reading around a busy schedule?

tim lebbon the silenceI’m the last person you should ask this really! I never read as much as I’d like to. As I mentioned earlier I read before bed every night. I usually read ebooks so that I always have my current book to hand- on my phone/tablet, that way I can sneak a few pages in whilst waiting for appointments or on lunch breaks.

What are your top tips/tricks for writing your own work?

Well I started my WIP a year ago and haven’t touched it in months. The blog kind of side tracked me, but I do have the entire plot laid out ready which I find helpful. I also never write in linear, if a scene suddenly comes to me I’ll write it there and then, it can be woven into the story later. Otherwise I might be forcing myself to write what comes next and that never works for me.

What are you reading now?

As I write this I’m reading Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix for the BYOBthon. It’s a ghost story set in a knockoff Ikea store.. sounds fun!

What did you just finish reading and did you enjoy it?

My last read was Halloween Party by Agatha Christie. I was pleasantly surprised by this one, I hadn’t read any AC yet and it was much easier to read than I’d thought it would be. Parts of Poirot’s dialogue were a bit repetitive but that’s to be expected with a detective asking questions of several witnesses I suppose.

Are there any genres you don’t read?

I’ve never liked romance or erotica, I think the closest I’ve ever gotten was sneakily christina henry alice.PNGreading some of my mother’s Jackie Collins novels when I was probably far too young!

Which bookish event would you most like to attend?

I’d never heard of the Hay Festival until this year. I am now desperate to go to Hay-On-Wye to visit their many bookstores and go to this incredible event. It’s the Glastonbury of books I’ve heard!

How do you take your tea?

That’s an important question for an Englishman you know! I drink my tea strong, with 2.5 sugars, a dash of milk and a chocolate hobnob. Is that too particular?

So there’s a few things about me! Whilst you’re here be sure to check out more on Hannah’s Bookshelf, or find more featured bloggers – there’s been some amazing names here this month.

And if you’d like to hear more from my loud mouth come visit anaveragelife.org

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If you like the sound of Roxanne and all of the interesting bookish things that she posts you can find her over on Twitter and Goodreads as well as on her main blog.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this month’s series of posts as much as I’ve loved organising and collaborating with so many amazing bloggers to create them! 💖 Thank you all for checking back everyday and for all of your kind comments about the bloggers that I’ve shared with you! x


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