Featured Blogger: Angela from Hiding Behind Books!

Hey guys! As you probably already know, throughout the month of November I’m shining a spotlight on thirty wonderful book bloggers 😊📚 If you’re not already following them, then I’d definitely recommend that you check them out – these guys are all such wonderful bloggers and all incredibly kind and supportive.

Today is the turn of the amazing Angela (from Hiding Behind Books) who is such a wonderful member of the book blogger community, posts some fab reviews, interesting bookish discussions and fun tags!

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Hi everyone! My name is Angela and I’m the unicorn of Hiding Behind Books. Apart from books, other things I love are animals (I have a bazillion pet dogs), music, and crafting/DIY!

My blog was created primarily because I couldn’t talk to anyone of my friends about my love for books. They like to read too, but I guess since we’re all ahem OLD, they don’t have as much time for it as I do. Or maybe they’re just really sane people who don’t get attached to fictional characters. 😂 But yeah, I started the blog so I can share my thoughts with everyone and hopefully interact with like-minded bloggers!

Where did your love of reading come from?

I don’t think I could pinpoint a time when I realized I loved to read. I mean, my family isn’t the most avid of readers, but they encouraged me whenever I picked up a book (first one when I was 2 years old, apparently), and I don’t remember ever NOT reading. Have always had my nose stuck in a book since! 😊

What is your favourite book that you’d recommend to anyone and everyone?

Oh no, haha. I think one book that I would ALWAYS recommend to everyone is the Harry Potter series because it’s just soo amazing. Another one would have to be Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder.

Which author (dead or alive) would you love to meet and why?

The author I’d really like to meet right now is Emma Scott who wrote the wonderful Bring Down The Stars duet. She is just such an amazing writer and her stories really affect me to my soul. I want to talk to her about where she gets her ideas and her inspiration because she’s a truly amazing writer.

What is the most memorable/sentimental book you’ve read?

I’ve read a lot of sentimental books and most of them are contemporary romance. I think the two books I won’t ever forget are In Harmony by Emma Scott and A Wish For Us by Tillie Cole. Both deal with characters who have troubling pasts and involves a lot of sacrifice and heartache. Needless to say, I bawled like a baby.

What is your favourite genre to read and your favourite book from it?

Definitely contemporary romance! No favourite book, to be honest, and if I could read every single book in this genre in my lifetime, then I would.

What are your top tips/tricks for fitting reading around a busy schedule?

Yikes, I am NOT the best person to ask this because I suck at scheduling things for myself.  Usually what I do is just to read every chance I get. I work full-time as a Human Resources Specialist so my days are pretty packed, but on the rare ones that I almost have nothing to do, I make sure to catch up on reading!

What are your top tips/tricks for writing your own work?

I used to write stories when I was younger and I was a mix of a pantser and plotter. I wrote a vague outline to the story and then would just hope and pray the rest of the details would come to me as I type. Now in hindsight, I figure being a plotter would be more productive in a way that you already know what direction your story is headed, but also never ignore those bouts of spontaneous ideas you get. Always write those down! You never know when your ideas would come in handy.

What are you reading now? What have you just finished? Are you enjoying/did you enjoy it?

I am currently reading Daylighters, which is the last book in the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. Byt the time this feature is posted, I would’ve finished it already! And yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and I’m sure I would re-read it over and over again for the rest of my life.

If you like the sound of Angela and all of the wonderful things she posts you can find her over on Twitter and Instagram as well as on her main blog.

I hope you guys are enjoying reading this month’s series of posts as much as I’ve loved organising and collaborating with so many amazing bloggers to create them! 💖 Check back tomorrow! x


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