Featured Blogger: Beth from About a Bookclub!

Hey guys! Throughout the month of November I’m going to be shining a spotlight on thirty wonderful book bloggers 😊📚 If you’re not already following them, then I’d definitely recommend that you check them out – these guys are all such wonderful bloggers and all incredibly kind and supportive.

We’re kicking off the month with the brilliant Beth (from About a Bookclub) who posts some amazingly convincing reviews and a whole host of other exciting bookish content!


My name is Beth and I run About A Bookclub 😊 I am an English tutor and an MA English student, and I spend most of my free time reading, drinking wine, eating Italian food or playing with my cat (Tonks, pictured below). My blog is full of book reviews (which vary from recent releases, ARCs and old favourites), book tags and general bookish chat. If I’m not reading… I’m probably drunk.

I started my blog to help create a portfolio for next year when I begin applying for PhDs. However, since starting I’ve found a total LOVE for the book community out there (that I was totally oblivious to!) and now I mainly blog for my own personal enjoyment, to get book recommendations and to meet new people.

Where did your love of reading come from?

My mum and my granny are both HUGE readers, and if I didn’t read I probably wouldn’t have much to talk to them about.

What is your favourite book that you’d recommend to anyone and everyone?

That’s such a hard one… It would either have to be Wuthering Heights (because there’s something for EVERYONE there and one of my absolute favourites), or Jonathan Coe’s What A Carve Up!

Which author (dead or alive) would you love to meet and why?

I would have to say Margaret Atwood – she’s a versatile genius!

What is the most memorable/sentimental book you’ve read?

There are so many, but the one that always comes to mind is Michael Morpurgo’s Private Peaceful. It’s been years since I last read it, but as a child it made me cry over and over again.

What is your favourite genre to read and your favourite book from it?

I love any kind of crime fiction, from classic murder mysteries to psychological thrillers. Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train are my favourites at the moment.

38860529_448753932275665_5218326406408175616_n (2)What are your top tips/tricks for fitting reading around a busy schedule? 

I always carry a book with me in my handbag and pull it out whenever I’m on a bus, having a cigarette break, waiting for an appointment ETC. Sometimes that means I only read a page in a day, but every little counts!

What are you reading now? What have you just finished? Are you enjoying/did you enjoy it?

I’m currently reading Emma Donoghue’s Slammerkin for a uni module on modern city fictions, and I’m loving it so far! When I have to read something for my MA I never know whether I’ll enjoy it, but after reading Room by Donoghue last year, I thought I might enjoy this and I was right!

What are your blogging goals for the rest of the year?

I’m hoping to try and give myself more of a schedule, and plan posts in advance (so that I don’t end up writing 5 things one week and nothing else for a month!) I’m also trying to remind myself that I created my blog for me and don’t need to feel too guilty if I don’t get the chance to be as active as I want.

If you were going to write your own novel, what would it be about?

I’d love to eventually write a book based on the hilarious situations that myself and my friends have found ourselves in over the years – it would be some sort of cross between The Inbetweeners and Sex and the City, but with a group of hopeless, vulgar mid-20-year-old girls from the Midlands.

If you like the sound of Beth and all of the wonderful things she posts you can find her over on Twitter and Instagram, as well as on her main blog.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading this month’s series of posts as much as I’ve loved organising and collaborating with so many amazing bloggers to create them! 💖 Check back tomorrow! x


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6 thoughts on “Featured Blogger: Beth from About a Bookclub!

  1. What an adorable cat – and I absolutely love the name! I already follow Beth, but it’s really nice getting to know a blogger a lot more.

    I’m super excited to ‘meet’ the other bloggers you have lined up for November.

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