The Sunshine Blogger Award – #2!

I’m so grateful to say that I’ve been tagged in the Sunshine Blogger Award twice! A huge thank you to Mary for tagging me – she’s a lovely lady with a beautiful blog, featuring some recipes inspired by your favourite books! Here’s my favourite of her bookish treats! 😍

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So, what is The Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring. Once nominated, the blogger is required to write a post in which they:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to their blog.
  • Answer 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them.
  • Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  • Notify your nominees and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post.

Here we go again!

Answering Mary’s questions:

1. Share a blog post you wrote that meant a lot to you and tell us why you picked that one.

So I don’t have that many blog posts yet but my first review (of Bernhard Aichner’s Woman of the Dead) means a lot to me. I read this while on holiday in Croatia after just having graduated university with my degree so definitely a happy time, but also it had just been read by both my mom and my nan so we were all able to sit and have a chat about it which is something that I love! Plus this book is what inspired me to start a book blog!

2. What author or blogger would you like to sit down and have drinks with?

Ooooh, good question! Maybe Nicholas Sparks or John Green to ask them why they make me cry so much with their books 😂 Or J. K. Rowling to try and figure out how she was able to create such a brilliantly mapped out world in her head!

3. What three bloggers inspire you?

There are so many bloggers that inspire me for different reasons! Ruth is fantastic as she is such a wonderful cheerleader for everyone in the community. Lavrax is so lovely to talk to and so relatable! And of course, my brilliant book bloggers who have been so welcoming – Jo, Molly, Kelly, Emma R, Vicky, Emma, Alex and Angela (and I’m positive that I’m missing some out!)

4. Where did you go on your first trip and how old were you?

The first one I can remember is a family holiday to Majorca when I was about six or so. It was the last one we went on for a while as my brother decided he wouldn’t go away with us anymore 😂 But my first ever trip was a family holiday to France when I was four, we went by ferry and stayed in a holiday cottage with a sandpit. My mom always says that it was in the middle of nowhere, we got soaked in the rain and came back with a car-full of stinky cheese!

5. Describe yourself in three words.

Cosy. Dreamer. Creative.

6. What is your spirit animal?

Maybe a cat? I love an afternoon nap and that’s all my three cats seem to do!

7. What has made you happy recently?

Blogging! It’s been a bit of a meh time for me recently – still on the job hunt, watching my friends go back to university (I graduated in the summer and didn’t want to do an MA), etc. – so being able to focus my energy into something productive is great! Other than that, I’ve recently gotten back into the swing of going to the gym and to pilates classes which I loved and it’s giving me a smile 😌 Plus I get to do it with my mom sometimes which is always nice!

8. What is your favourite song/tune and why?

I don’t think I have one! My music taste varies so often depending on what mood I’m in but recently I’ve been listening to Never Enough from the Greatest Showman soundtrack (I just rewatched the movie 😂) and the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack as it’s such a brilliant film!

9. What is your favourite joke?

It’s an old joke that my dad used to tell me everytime he would buckle up my seatbelt in the car when I was young:

Where does Napoleon keep his armies?

Up his sleevies!

Or maybe my mom’s go-to joke:

What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?

A do-you-think-he-saw-us! (Doyouthinkhe-sarus)

10. If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go?

Hmmm, such a good question. I’ve said before that I love to travel and have been to quite a few places around Europe and even to South East Asia but I’d love to go to Australia or New Zealand as I’ve never been there and it looks so beautiful!

11. What’s the most valuable piece of advice you can give to other bloggers/potential blog starters?

I’m still pretty new to the blogging game, having not even reached my one month mark, but my advice would be to post what makes you happy. Put effort into your posts so that you’re pleased with them and the like-minded people will come!

My questions:

  1. What is your favourite childhood memory?
  2. Tell me about your favourite holiday/trip?
  3. What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a busy day?
  4. What’s your favourite comfort food and why?
  5. What is the funniest joke you know?
  6. If you could spend 24 hours anywhere and with anyone, where and who would it be and why?
  7. What is your proudest achievement?
  8. Who is your favourite Disney sidekick and why?
  9. What is your favourite recipe to make on a cold day?
  10. What movie could you watch over and over again?
  11. Who was your first celebrity crush?

I tag:

Anyone who wants to take part! I’d love it if anyone wanted to answer my questions on twitter or here in the comments! 💖

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10 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award – #2!

  1. All the questions are great!
    I would love to answer #10. What movie could you watch over and over again? There are 2 series I love to watch….. Harry Potter, and Hunger Games. HP for the magic. and HG for the great acting by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me, you’re so sweet! Loved reading your answers. We have a couple of things in common, like my spirit animal would be a cat as well because I tend to sleep and eat a lot 😂 and I’d definitely wanna sit down with J.K. Rowling and just talk and talk about the amazing magical world she created for hours on end. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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