Review: Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot

Blurb: Meet Kate MacKenzie… idealistic office worker, reluctant deliverer of termination notices and queen of instant messaging. As sweet as sugar. Meet Mitch Hertzog… ever-smiling corporate lawyer, defender of the downtrodden and king of aborted dinner dates. Good enough to eat. Meet Ida Lopez… cake, cookie and pastry-maker extraordinaire, purveyor of the dessert trolley and goddess of all things mouth-wateringly yummy. As nice as pie.

Title: Boy Meets Girl

Author: Meg Cabot

Publisher: Pan Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan Ltd

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Chicklit


Thisstory follows Kate MacKenzie’s journey from finding herself stuck in a rut (recently single, practically homeless and working for a boss that she hates) to her own version of a happily ever after. Along the way, we get to explore her personal growth and the heartwarming friendships that she builds and maintains.

This book is, and will always be, one of my all-time favourites – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this already! It’s a real comfort book for me, a good reliable story, likeable characters and a touching romantic plot – something that I love to get stuck into when it’s cold outside with a cup of tea and a fuzzy blanket! Written entirely in emails, answer phone messages, diary entries, letters and scribbles on menus and receipts, I feel like this is an interesting and engaging way to tell a story. This was an intriguing way for the reader to get to know Kate, the main character, and allows us to really understand her inner thought process and to gel with her opinions – especially those concerning her awful boss, Amy. If you’re someone who won’t get distracted by the chopping and changing of format then I’d really suggest giving this book a go, even if just to see if it’s a format you’d like to read more of – or even use yourself. Kate is such a loveable character and I’m sure we can all identify with her struggles and be an empathetic cheerleader when things start to look up. I also adore her friendship with Jen, the love between these two characters is obvious and well written, adding to the realistic feel of the plot. A good girls-supporting-girls friendship always gives me the warms and fuzzies. And, of course, this review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Mitch. He appears in this story as a sort of angelic figure, everything Kate wants to find and a real sweetheart, helping out Kate when she needs a friendly face. The characters in this story are relatable and enjoyable to read about – a key aspect of a good book!

There wasn’t anything that I disliked about this book in all honesty, however, I do feel as though sometimes the format can leave a bit to be desired when describing a scene between two people. For example, when Kate would write about a date she and Mitch had shared, there wouldn’t be any direct speech and is frequently in past tense. I do think that this adds to the feeling that perhaps you’re a trusted friend of Kate’s and she’s letting you into all of the juicy gossip but from a narrative point of view it can be slightly challenging.

You may know Meg Cabot as the author of the well known Princess Diaries – something I have to admit I’ve watched sooo many times but never read!

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves a classic cheesy romance between two very sweet characters – or if you’re curious about the format of the book, being written in bits and pieces.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend?: Yes

Have you read this book? What did you think? Have you read any of the books that come after this one? I’d love to know!

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7 thoughts on “Review: Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot

  1. Lovely review… the book seems like a choice for when I need something to make me happy.. I’m definitely gonna keep it in mind 😊😊😊


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